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Table of contents for the six parts of

ZX, a New User Environment
[ now Floating World(tm) ]
Preliminary 1999 Specifications

This first version of these specs is not for general distribution.  I hope to clean up and re-edit these specs Real Soon Now.

The ZX Design
A summary of the whole thing.

The ZX Views
Let's get some real freedom and creative control.
Note: 3 1/2D is the biggie.  (Better term than N1/2D.)
Billowing-- Another Special View

What's Inside
There's a lot to understand in ZX, but when you understand it all, it's very simple.  Underneath the new views, ZX is several basic ideas.  We can separate them into--

The ZX Internals
1)  details of the ZigZag relational-structure engine
2)  how those unusual views are mapped to ZigZag

 3)  The Xanadu Model of connection and enfilades (from Xu88 = Udanax Green)
detailed in--
4)  ZigZag Cell Programming -- intended
for beginners
for extending the system
The ZigZag fabric allows many new forms of programming.  Here are some of them.  (Note: a number got left out of this version.)