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TRY OUR BEST DEMO (sorry, Windows only)
XanaduSpace is our best-looking viewer, our flagship demo-- but alas, it's a stuck demo and can't go further.

You can download the installable here.  (Directions included-- interface uses keystrokes only, except for turning the view.)

The enthusiastic and talented programmer, Rob Smith, of Manchester England, did a beautiful job combining a lot of our ideas--
• assembly of Xanadu documents from an EDL
• a specific EDL for the "Origins" essay and its sources
• OpenGL as the three-dimensional viewer
• ZigZag® internal structure as the storage mechanism for document parts and connections
• Zzogl™ multidimensional viewer as the animation mechanism
• code in Python
• code in C++
• numerous libraries
• a Windows installer .
Unfortunately this made it a very complicated package, eventually too tangled to improve further, and Rob had to get on to other things.

John Ohno and Jonathan Kopetz, in Connecticut, spent several years trying to refactor it, but it's beyond fixing-- though as a demo it works just fine.