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Transcopyright is a copyright license intended to legitimize remix, "mashup," anthologies, and many other ways of combining content-- in any amount and in any combination.

The transcopyright license permits all parties to republish content indirectly, meaning that the new publisher doesn't send out the content, but rather the addresses of the content.

Transcopyright is intended make mixing of content from all sources legal and easy, unlike evil and deceptive "sharealike" licenses, which do not allow combining with any other content but their own exact type.

The transcopyright license has several important properties which are not explicit in the license itself--

  attribution is automatic
  mixing of content from many sources is permitted
  content remains attached to its original source
the original context of every portion may be reached directly, if the user wants to see or hear more of the original, by further downloading
  publishers of original content are free to require payment, or not-- paid sale of content is possible and legitimate, and may be exact
distribution by EDL (edit decision list method) of content is expected
Conventional licenses, such as the Creative Commons licensing suite, are for lump files.  The transcopyright license is intended for content distributed as lists to be fulfilled (EDLs, or edit decision lists).  For effectiveness, the content must be unchanging source content, especially text, pictures, audio and video.

The transcopyright license contains  two provisions, one for a downloader and one for a republisher, but since any party may be either a downloader or republisher, the two parts are stated as one license.

We regret using the pronoun "they" in the singular, as is now fashionable, but it seems the best current phrasing.

(version of November 22, 2016)
Any party in the universe may DOWNLOAD AND KEEP this content in any amount, provided that
they obtain it from my designated server

they retain it in a form connected to my designated server

Any party in the universe may REPUBLISH this content in any new context and any amount, provided that
they republish only by giving the on-line addresses of the content on my designated server, for example by edit decision list (EDL).