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(Note: use the Chrome or Firefox browser.)

Open one of the pages with our sample EDL file--

- the stark EDL with no comments

- the same EDL, explained with comments.

Paste the contents of that page into the xanaviewer.

Click "fulfill document".  Then wait.

A page will open.


The windows  have to be rearranged somewhat, to see and scroll properly.

Move the xanadoc window to block the EDL window, to get it out of the way.  (Cover it more exactly, if you prefer.)

Click on blue to follow a xanalink-- but it looks wrong at first.

If you move the linked page to the right, the connection shows better--


Click the blue field again to close the bridge to the other document.

If you now scroll in the xanadoc, you can click on the orange content to see the live sources (transclusions).

The connected document opens on the right, but the bridge from the marked portion trails down to the right.

Fix that by scrolling in the right-hand (source) window until you see the connection properly--

Once again, you can click the field in the xanadoc to close the bridge to the other document.