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What's Wrong with This Picture?
The usual steps of Web publishing now require--
Then you have a monthly payment.  (WOOPS!  Missed a payment!  My domain is down!)  OR you can put your document in someone else's domain, trusting them to keep it it all working.

This is all ridiculous.


It will be easy for a customer to publish a document by name through our service.

Simply "Permapub It"

The customer simply goes to our Web page, or that of a participating ISP, and sends the electronic document and a payment.  Now it's guaranteed to be available world wide for the next five years.

And that's just the beginning.


The same service can of course also be provided privately, without publication.  This will guarantee availability of corporate documents and records without having to keep track of them at company facilities.  In the case of private personal content, it will mean guaranteed availability (for instance) of letters, poems and photographs to one's children and grandchidren-- guaranteed not to get lost when a household is moved.

Your files will be safe for a minimum of five years under Permastore service.

More details to come.